Swordfish is not your typical marketing services provider. We're different in a few ways.

We only do what we do best. We're not a full-service marketing agency. We don't write press releases. We don't create brand identities. We don't build websites. We're not a graphic design shop. We do create killer white papers, case studies and videos. For everything else, we'll connect you with our partner network.

We speak your language. The top reason B2B companies don't want to outsource content development? Most marketers don't understand enough about their business and its related technologies to create content that resononates with their target customers. But we do. We have in-depth domain expertise with a broad range of technologies, and with business in general. We know how to communicate with C-level decision-makers about complex technology issues.

We make it easy to engage us. We believe in straightforward, easy to understand contracts, with clear fees and payment terms. We know you don't like surprises, so you won't get any (unless it's your birthday).

We'll be honest with you. We don't take on every project. If we're really not the best service provider for your needs or budget, we'll tell you—and even help you find another company or individual to work with.

We guarantee our work. Our goal is 100% client referenceability. Our most important metric is whether you would recommend us to another organization. If you're not satisfied with our work, we'll keep working with you until you're delighted—or you pay nothing. It's that simple.

We're your partner. We're here to partner with your marketing organization—not replace it—to help you achieve more. Whether you need short-term help for a quick project or longer-term assistance for a strategic initiative, we can quickly assemble a team of the right people (or sometimes just one person) from our network of service providers to make your project a success.


We're always looking for experienced B2B marketing professionals with creative chops. Introduce yourself to us!