What is a White Paper?

White papers provide valuable educational content for your prospective customers while subtly instilling preference for your products or services. Done right, the usefulness of the information in the paper is compelling enough to persuade prospects to exchange their contact information to read it. This makes white papers well-suited to be the centerpiece of lead generation campaigns. The authoritative tone of the paper can also help position your company as a thought leader in your field.

Why Swordfish Should Write Your Next White Paper

There are two common reasons white papers fail to meet marketing goals. One is that the white paper is written without regard for how it will be used in a lead generation campaign. Swordfish can help you avoid this mistake by assessing your campaign strategy and designing landing pages that will convert visitors.

Another reason white papers frequently fail is that they're not written persuasively. White papers are intended to motivate a prospect to take action. Yet most white papers focus too much on the educational component and ignore this critical sales component. Swordfish is a master at the art of crafting persuasive copy.

You can always hire a freelance copywriter to write a white paper. But to get the results you want, you need a specialized B2B white paper writer who understands your technology domain and the entire lead generation and sales process. That's Swordfish.

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In addition to copywriting, Swordfish Communications can provide document template design and layout, custom illustration, and landing page development.